Although we’re a small country school that encourages interaction across all age groups, we are continuing to grow in numbers, so our students are divided into three groups and into two classrooms for most of their learning. Take a tour to see what each age group gets up to.


Kowhai Class

Years 0-4

Kowhai class is taught by both experienced teachers, Mrs R and Michaela. The students are supported in a learning through play environment that also embraces the blending of the Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whariki and The New Zealand Curriculum. Individual needs are catered for in the huge open space classroom as most of the children transition easily from the Te Miro Playgroup to the classroom


Rimu Class

Years 5-8

Annie is an experienced teacher of the Rimu class. Her style of teaching is progressive and adaptable. The students in her class have access to a global community, where their interests and passions are nurtured and embraced in a vibrant learning space. Her ability to manage the range of learning and developmental stages is admirable as her students work together in partnership creating a happy atmosphere of calm and curiosity.


Ahurei Group

Years 7-8

Our students in Year 7 and 8 are in a privileged part of there schooling. They have earned the respect of the other students and are given age appropriate responsibilities within a supportive community. The concept of tuakana teina (mentoring others)forms an important part of these influential years. The Ahurie (unique and special) group have many opportunities unique to them.