Rimu Class

All students develop inquiry and positive life skills, to enable them to manage themselves and communicate effectively in a range of situations. Every students is  confident with their learning, willing to take responsible risks and are proud of their effort and achievement. Everyone is offered the best possible literacy and numeracy skills to positively participate in and contribute to society. All students celebrate and contribute to a variety of cultural, sporting, arts and Environmental Education school activities.


Where else in the world do we gather a group of people the same age and get them to work and learn together. Only in a school. At our school we learn in groups of all ages. We learn tolerance, empathy, knowledge, problem solving skills and each day we learn how to get along. We don’t walk away form our problems, we face them and continue to be friends at the end of it.


Working together to build a ….?


Learning how to run the website.


Annie Gould
Rimu & Ahurei Teacher

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