Kowhai Class

Mrs R and Michaela teach in Kowhai class.  It is a place where learning is fun and children are valued for their unique contributions.  In Kowhai we learn through play, construction and instruction.


We are encouraged to find out things and to wonder about the world around us. We learn to respect each other and ourselves. We are not afraid to try things out because we know all of our efforts will be valued, giving us a chance to succeed.  

We have a carpentry area, a comfortable couch, a wet area, a beautiful big sandpit and a very large classroom. In our very big classroom, we have a kitchen where we are able to cook as part of our reading and writing programme. Learning is authentic and meaningful in our class and we all get along together learning from each other and sharing in our wisdom.


Michaela Phillips
Teacher & School Principal


Fiona Ruthven (Mrs R)
Kowhai Teacher


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