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This week saw a focus on recount writing. We viewed the viral video 'Iguana vs Snakes' from the tv series 'Planet Earth'. Watch then read our stories closely, as we zoom in to recreate the vivid imagery of an iguana escaping, what seems like, a never ending number of snakes.

Iguana vs Snake

The grand escape

As I sit still, my scales shine in the burning sun. I try not to flinch, or the long slender snake will eat me. The ugly snake, really dumb, slithers straight past me. My eyes blink and all the other snakes run after me on the sunny, hot, pebbled beach. I continue running down the beach, with the snakes then I jump up on the rough rock. There is only one snake left  chasing me, when I do some epic parkour up a black rock and the snake fails, while I make it to victory.

Jared Hannon Yr 6

I Am An Iguana

As I leapt off the rough rock, the slimy snakes eyeballed me. I looked around, but there was nowhere to run. I froze, snakes slithered slowly seeking me. They were getting closer and closer. Unexpectedly, I flinched. They spun around facing me. Sprinting, I jumped onto a huge boulder as the snake reached for my tail. The race was on! At that moment, I was in the lead but the snakes weren’t far behind. Suddenly, I noticed a cliff side with a gape in it, I soared through the air and landed on my feet awkwardly. Looking up, I saw my family, they had giant smiles on their faces. I was finally home and not going down there again.

By Stephanie Yr 8

Halloween Stories - Week 4
Boo! The 31st of October brings about the largely popular festival of Halloween. This week, we explored the origins and history of halloween and what shaped the modern day halloween celebrations we see today. Be prepared to be entertained or informed by our keen writers.


I sprint into battle with my incineration cannon at hand. I spot another Spartan. I fire, but instead of a blast of fire a jack-o-lantern shoots out towards the other spartan, opens into four, obliterates. I leap back only to turn around and get a Smash in the face by a gravity hammer mangling my body as it flies back hitting a mega jack-o-lantern. I respawn. With my sniper and chocolate energy sword, I focus on getting to the sniper tower. I sprint, leap a rocket, dodge bullets, then climb. I reach the top. With my chocolate energy sword equipped I turn around and stab the pursuer in the head before kicking him off. As gravity hauls him to the ground, I aim out and headshot another spartan. I wait. A person driving a bony mongoose flies up a ramp, aiming...and Fire. The liquorice bullet hits the motor and the mongoose explodes killing the spartan instantly. Its match point for me and the other soldier “do you want a last kill death match” I message him “ok” he replies. We head into the jack-o-lantern arena. Ready...set...bang, the death match has started. I sprint back, run up a ramp. I 360 no scope him directly in the head. His body collapses onto the ground. “BeamyAura9385 wins” the loud speakers screams.

By Nathan Yr 7


It was the night of halloween, ghosts and witches were out. Annie and Katie pulled their egg costumes on, and snatched their candy baskets. Katie slowly stepped out the door while Annie trailed behind. Annie’s dark hair swayed as she skipped from house to house.

   “Trick or treat!” They sang, as an old lady handed them a candy bar each. After four houses, they came to a house with spider webs, skeletons, ghosts and witches. Katie reached out and knocked on the door, trembling.

    “Trick or treat,” they whispered afraid as the door opened. They stood, mouth wide, staring at a clown.

    “BOO!” yelled the clown as he took off his mask. Annie’s dad appeared from under the mask. “Do you like my trick?” asked Billy.

    “NO!” shouted Annie and Katie.

    “Now where is our house?” asked Annie.

    “Your standing in it,” replied Billy. Annie strolled inside, Katie behind, and they dropped their candy baskets. Pulling off their costumes, they dumped them on the cold floor and fell asleep in the, haunted house.

By Stephanie Yr 8


We hop into the balk car and go to Victoria street to do trick or treating . I go up to the black house in the corner , While mum and my brother eat freshly baked cookies . Nock nock .The creep door opens and a clown peeks it head around grabs my hand and takes me down te his lar. What do you want . I want your lollies ok  here have them let me go now I knock his mask off it was my brother. You can't tell mum I will tell them. I walk out the dark door and into the darkness. I wonder where my parents are boo arrrrrrrr you scared me . Where have you been and where are your lollies long story. We along crick treat we sing. By the end we have filled up our buckets to the top. We arrive home . I think about it to eat all my lollies at once or should i eat one every night na i will just eat them at once. I hear a knock knock on my window it might be a ghost i open the curtains it was just a branch .i hope next year it will than this year even now this year was pretty amazing because got to hang out with my friends eat lollies tell you fell  sick and watch scary movies going chrek or treating and getting scared way don't do that but it was good times.

By Libby Yr 6