Te Miro A-Z


An after school care programme is available on request, Monday to Friday from 3pm – 5pm.  Bookings need to be made at least 24 hours in advance, through the office.   Children enjoy taking part in a wide range of planned and free play activities. The cost of this service is $6.00 per hour per child.  Information and enrolment forms can be collected from the office. 


Learners and teachers meet formally at a school assembly every Friday afternoon at 1pm. These occasions are treasured times for sharing learning successes. Learners share results from both within school and from extra curricular activity, including sporting and cultural events. Parents, family, whānau are always most welcome to attend.


Parents, family, whānau, and community members are always welcome at school. We are incredibly fortunate to see many of our parents face-to-face on a daily basis. Important messages are shared in our newsletter. This will come home fortnightly, on a Thursday afternoon, with the oldest family member at school. Parents also choose to connect with us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/temiroschool and keep up to date with school events through our own ‘Parent Teacher Calendar’ app, which can be downloaded onto any smartphone.


If a child is injured at school, teachers and office staff as required will administer first aid. If a serious accident occurs staff will give basic medical care, call for expert help as required, and notify parents/caregivers.

To stop the spread of infection parents and caregivers are asked to keep children at home if they are unwell. In the case of vomiting or diarrhoea, children should not return to school until 24 hours since the last incident.   If a child becomes unwell at school, parents/caregivers will be contacted and asked to collect the child.

Children who require medication at school will need to leave this at the office. Parents will be asked to leave details and sign our medication forms.

It is very important that our records of home, work, doctor, and other emergency numbers are up to date. Please let the office know if there are any changes.


Te Miro learners have homework a minimum of 4 days each week. We believe there is huge benefit for learners when they have the opportunity to practise and apply learning at home, and we value the partnerships with parents and caregivers.

At Te Miro School, homework is:

  • INDIVIDUAL & RELEVANT – learners will bring home tasks that are specifically designed to reinforce and practice learning at an appropriate level.
  • ENJOYABLE & STRESS-FREE – set tasks are designed to be short, fun, and practical.
  • PURPOSEFUL – home learning reinforces learning at school and vice versa.


Te Miro School has a school-wide approach to ensuring learners remain engaged in learning at all times. We communicate clear expectations, and set the bar high. Learners are encouraged to take charge of their own choices, and are supported to quickly re-engage when needed.


Classes visit the library at least once weekly. During these times children are invited to choose and issue up to two books to be taken home for reading. These can be returned any time during the following week into library boxes in the classrooms. We appreciate parent/caregiver support to ensure the books are returned on time.


We encourage children to make healthy choices in their lunchboxes. During lunchtime they are encouraged to eat their carbohydrates (e.g. sandwiches) first, followed by fruits and treats last.


Te Miro School has a very active and effective PTA group. The team raises a significant amount of funds each year through planned events and grant applications. New members are always welcome.


Every day from 2.50-3pm we invite parents, family, whānau to join teachers and learners in classrooms as they share the learning from the day. These times are hugely valued as a way of celebrating small steps towards big goals, and also for sharing with parents to enable learning conversations to extend past the school gate.

We know our parents and families enjoy seeing and hearing the ways we learn – there are often big differences when compared to how it was when they went to school! 


Te Miro School does not have a school uniform. We encourage learners to dress comfortably, and in a way that reflects their individual personalities. In terms 1 and 4 a sunhat is compulsory.  Children provide their own hats - these must be a bucket or legionnaire style hat.  Alternatively a school hat with logo can be purchased from school.

When we leave the school for sports events or outings we encourage children to wear our school polo shirt and/or polar fleece tops. These are great quality, and can be purchased from the office.

Please ensure all clothing is clearly named so it can be returned if misplaced.


At Te Miro School parents are invited to make a voluntary donation to support the school in purchasing and maintaining top quality resources. Parents are most welcome to pay all or some of the suggested donation, and can choose to pay in one lump sum, or spread payments over time. All donated funds are used to directly benefit the learners in the current year. Our school operates year to year on a tight budget so all donations are gratefully received.


Class stationery lists are available at the office. To make purchasing easy we use an online ordering service through OfficeMax: https://www.myschool.co.nz/


We are incredibly fortunate to have excellent swimming facilities on site. Our two pools – one small ‘learn to swim’ pool and one deep pool – are very well maintained and well used. During terms 1 and 4 learners swim daily, with learning designed to promote water confidence and safety, and the development of swimming skill.

Families are invited to purchase a school pool key for access to the pool over the summer months.


We love making connections with four year olds and their families, and we know how important a great transition to school can be. To support this we run ‘Flying Start’ afternoons twice per term. Keep an eye on the newsletter and Facebook page for details.


 9 - 10.40am Learning Block 1
 10.40 - 11am
 Morning Tea Break
 11 - 12pm
 Learning Block 2
 12 - 12.15pm Lunch Eating
 12.15 - 12.45pm
 Lunch Play
 12.45 - 1.45pm
 Learning Block 3
 1.45 - 2pm
 Afternoon Tea Break
 2 - 2.50pm
 Learning Block 4
 2.50 - 3pm
 Reflection & Connection Time - Parents invited into classrooms