Our Place


For all learners to be self-regulating, curious, creative and innovative; actively participating in and contributing to society. 


Te Miro School is here, in partnership with our community, to inspire, challenge, and empower learners.


Respect: We act in ways that show respect for self, for others, and for our environment.

Responsibility: We are empowered to manage ourselves, to be in charge of the choices that affect our learning and wellbeing.

Excellence: We have a go, take risks, make mistakes, notice and celebrate our own progress, and continue to strive for success in all that we do.

Innovation: We seek answers to our questions, challenge barriers, see opportunity in problems, and continue to ask, ‘what if…?’

About Us

Te Miro School is a full primary school, catering for children from years 0 –8.  At present we have 35 students in our school.

Our learners are organised into two class groups. Learners from year 0-4 join our junior class (Kowhai), and learners in years 5-8 form our senior class (Rimu). We are very well resourced, and learners have ready access to quality ICT tools as and when needed within learning programmes.

The school grounds consist of large playing areas, tennis courts, two swimming pools, an orchard, native bush area, multi-purpose room, radio station, as well as spaces for small group work. Our beautiful library has historic significance. Built in 1910, it was the original school building, and is now a treasured learning space.

 At Te Miro School we are innovative, and persistent in our approach to supporting every learner to meet his or her potential.